The Backstory

The LUX, a Bokeh Development property, sits on the corner of 1st St. and Market in downtown Wichita. Built in the 1950s to house Kansas Gas and Electric, the building has been repurposed and now has 86 residential units and two floors of commercial space as well as Candela Venue at The LUX, an event space. Our relationship with Bokeh Development began with The LUX back in 2011 and that building — that amazing, challenging, nail-biting structure — is without a doubt partially responsible for who Lifeboat Creative is today. We’ve been through a lot with The LUX — and we are so immensely proud of how it has all turned out.

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"By and by the shine wears off", we have all seen this, even in the best of business relationships it can happen. But not so with my Lifeboat Creative partners…from custom mid-century modern Legos to invoking a revolution in Wichita, they are still blowing me away. Michael Ramsey, Manager - The LUX