The Backstory

It’s fun being able to say, "We do work for Pizza Hut." People assume we do some ads for the local Pizza Hut down the street. But really, we do work for NPC International. NPC currently operates more than 1,240 Pizza Hut units in 27 states and more than 184 Wendy’s units in 5 states. So yeah, we do work for Pizza Hut (and Wendy’s). We’ve been partnering with NPC since 2008 and we love the challenge (and deliciousness) they bring to the table. Project requests often require a quick turnaround using required brand elements, but must also be fresh and unique.

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Working with Lifeboat is a turnkey process – simple and painless with quick turn-around of really good creative. Their customer service is second to none, and we are extremely pleased with the professionalism and quality of the work they produce. Tony McDaniel & Clayton Banich / Marketing - NPC International