The Backstory

Martin Pringle Attorneys at Law, with offices in Kansas and Missouri, has been an influential client for us. We have worked with them since 2009 and together, we’ve seen a lot of changes. In the early years, print ads were still king. Today, digital advertising rules, and in 2020 we launched the third edition of their website. We love working with the team at Martin Pringle, and we are lucky they are willing to push the envelope in a field that is usually quite buttoned-up.

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The team at Lifeboat gets me…..and that says a lot! I like to think out of the box when marketing Martin Pringle, and they have never told me I was crazy (although they may have initially thought it). “You want to market your law firm with branded aviator goggles and viking helmets?” Yes – and you know what? We went for it and we killed it. Just like we always do. Kim Doze-Lohmann, Director of Marketing - Martin Pringle