The Backstory

Candela Venue at The LUX is located on the first floor of The LUX in downtown Wichita, Kansas. Built for Kansas Gas and Electric in 1954, the unique character of the building and mid-century modern architecture speak to a time when design and function were celebrated. As a result, Candela Venue at The LUX embodies style and class.

When the venue first opened in 2013, the space was located in a different area of the building. We were delighted to be tasked with naming it (Get it?… KG&E, The LUX is the SI derived unit of illuminance and luminous emittance, measuring luminous flux per unit area and Candela is the SI unit of luminous intensity.)

After considering that people often drooled over the street level expansive windows, curve of the walls and immense shiny columns, Candela was moved into the corner space at 1st and Market in 2016.

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