The Backstory

Bokeh Development is a residential and commercial developer located in Downtown Wichita. They are passionate about the Downtown Wichita community and focus on reinventing or repurposing existing structures. We proudly share in their vision, and we're lucky to have the opportunity to work on several of their projects. In addition to The Zelman, The Renfro, COrTen, Broadway Autopark, The LUX (where we office), Candela and Revolutsia, we truly enjoy hanging out with the great people at Bokeh Development.

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"By and by the shine wears off", we have all seen this, even in the best of business relationships it can happen. But not so with my Lifeboat Creative partners...from custom mid-century modern Legos to invoking a revolution in Wichita, they are still blowing me away. Michael Ramsey, Manager - Bokeh Development