What is a company’s brand? It’s more than a logo, tagline and cool business cards. It’s your core idea and what you believe. It’s your colors and messaging. It’s how you communicate to customers and how you operate internally. A brand will help you solidify your company and keep you on the path to achieving what you set out to become.

Our approach to Branding

We think it’s important to start from the bare bones and work from there — but clients come to us to assist with branding at all stages. First, we will determine your company’s vision. If it is unclear or muddled, you are given brand surveys and questionnaires to help discover those answers. It’s like a BuzzFeed quiz – only with thought-provoking questions and answers that provide true clarity (but Aquamarine is my passion color!).

After the surveys are processed, the core idea is born. A logo is designed through a detailed process and paired with your company’s core idea. Then we develop a brand guide that details a look, message and overall approach to your company. Now you may feel confident to go into the world!

1 Vision Vision
2 Brand Survey Brand Survey
3 Core Idea Core Idea
4 Logo Designed Logo Design
5 Brand Guide Brand Guide

Featured Branding Clients

Alternative Gifts Intl. Broadway Autopark Candela Venue City of Wichita High Touch Technologies Martin Pringle Orion The Pando Initiative Revolutsia Surency The Independent School The LUX Wichita Children's Home
Sometimes you just click with people. It didn’t take me long to figure out that the team at Lifeboat and I were cut from the same cloth. From brainstorming, strategizing and the implementing of my projects, they just get me and my business. We are a team and we’re in it together. Nothing is ever off the table and I know I’m always getting the best advice. Not only that, but we have a lot of fun while we’re at it. Kim Doze-Lohmann, Director of Marketing - Martin Pringle